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Your local spot for great food, impeccable wines, and heart-warming company

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The Judd's welcome you to your local neighborhood spot where you'll find delicious baked goods, unique drinks & wine, seasonal food, and warm, welcoming company.


Established by Erna & Bryan Judd, this quaint eatery, bar, and winery is run by their son Bryan, designed & designed by their daughter Candice, and digitally managed by their second daughter Chloe. 

With our fondest memories as a family centered around food, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners brought us together. Whether we cooked or braai'd at home, went out to a restaurant, or drove to a deli or farm for our weekly shop, food connected us, and it is through food that we hope to connect with you.  

Red Cappucino & macarons


Join us for a casual drink in the city for a quick rendezvous or a relaxed afternoon. At Judd's Local, we offer your classic cocktails, drinks, and an exquisite wine list that will impress you.


We also offer a fine selection of boutique wines, carefully curated by our wine duo Bryan Snr & Bryan Jnr. Join them for a glass and a chat to learn more about what we offer. 



The restaurant is a quaint meeting place where we all come together as one.

Stop by for a quick coffee and chat, a boozy brunch, a leisurely lunch, or a laidback dinner. Whenever you visit Judd's Local, we'll make you feel right at home.


Our menu is seasonal, working alongside our local farms and butchers to bring you fresh, high-quality dishes that are good and good for you!

We are open morning, noon, and night to welcome you into the mother city. With delicious food, great drinks, and heart-warming company, you are guaranteed to feel right at home.  




Judd's Cellar is an intimate space in the heart of the city, that brings boutique wines from all around the country, to your doorstep. These wines have been meticulously curated by Bryan Snr & Jnr themselves, who are master raconteurs from their many wine escapades.


You can book an exclusive wine tasting with the two Judd's, or you can purchase our wines online or in-store. Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy our cellar!.  



Join us every day for wine tastings of our Wines of the Week, and receive a

10% discount on every bottle purchased.

Every First Thursday of the month we're offering a Constant Wine Vibe for tastings

of exclusive wines where you'll receive a 15% discount on every bottle